Porcelain Dental Bridges in San Antonio

A dental bridge from Alamo Dental Center of San Antonio is a great way to restore mouth functionality with a completely natural feel and look. Whenever teeth are missing, surrounding teeth can begin repositioning and cause dental problems. A fixed bridge prevents teeth shifting while stabilizing your bite. By contacting our office, we’ll be happy to discuss the specifics of having a bridge made.

Having a bridge for teeth not only improves your dental health, but it can also improve your speech and chewing ability. Porcelain bridges have the added benefit of providing needed support to surrounding teeth to ensure stability. One of the most frequent reasons for dental bridges is filling gaps to achieve a natural-looking tooth replacement.

Personalized Dental Care

Patients come to us to improve their smile for professional and personal reasons. Clients who’ve been wearing removable dentures for years often turn to dental bridges as an alternative to achieve a new appearance. Your bridge is custom-made to closely match your surrounding teeth and firmly attached in place. We at Alamo Dental Center enjoy watching the restoration of our patients’ smiles and confidence.

For more information about dental bridges and improving your oral health, please give our San Antonio office a call today at (210) 431-7711. We’ll work closely with you to determine the best dentistry approach for your unique tooth replacement needs. When having a clear understanding of the available dental options, your decision then becomes much easier.