Beautiful Dental Crowns in San Antonio

When a tooth is weakened from decay or other reasons, a reliable, strong solution for patients is the placement of dental crowns by Alamo Dental Center of San Antonio. Crowns are often recommended to enhance tooth functionality and appearance. When teeth have become damaged from cracks or breaks, a porcelain crown is a great solution to restore dental health.

At Alamo Dental Center, we offer beautiful restorations that our patients appreciate. Whether you need a single or multiple crowns, our dedication is to deliver high-quality results using the latest in dental technologies and techniques. We offer a unique blend of materials, aesthetics and performance to dramatically improve each smile, and you’ll appreciate our relaxing dental atmosphere and welcoming staff.

Leading Porcelain Crown Provider

For laboratory-produced crowns, our dentist will fabricate a temporary crown to wear until the permanent prosthetic is ready. It’s important to take care of your temporary so that it doesn’t come off. On your return visit, we’ll check your bite and make adjustments accordingly to ensure a comfortable, snug placement. Also, we’ll make certain that the shape and shade you desire are correct. You’ll be truly amazed at the beauty of your new restoration.

The experienced, friendly dentistry team at Alamo Dental Center are true professionals who are ready to explain your cosmetic smile makeover options. Let us help you in choosing a rewarding dental treatment. For patients in San Antonio and surrounding areas, our staff is here to discuss your needs. Please contact us at (210) 431-7711 to arrange an appointment.