Sparkling Teeth Cleaning in San Antonio

As a family dentist in San Antonio, Dr. Roland Cavazos of Alamo Dental Center recommends brushing, flossing daily and getting a teeth cleaning regularly. Your initial dental exam helps determine the necessary actions to get your oral health in shape. At Alamo Dental Center, you and your family, including children, will be completely relaxed in our welcoming facility.

Dental exams that include dental X-rays are an important part of maintaining the well-being of your teeth and gums. Having healthy teeth not only enables you to feel and look your best, but it also makes it possible to speak and eat properly. We perform a wide range of general dental services like teeth cleaning, dental sealants, cavity filling and fluoride treatment.

Trust Us with Your Smile

You can always rely on the exceptional knowledge and skill of Dr. Roland Cavazos to help you develop and maintain a wonderful smile long after leaving the office. As well as providing comprehensive dental care for the entire family, we pride ourselves on having a well-trained and educated staff committed to your satisfaction. Whether you need fillings for teeth or a cosmetic dentistry for a totally new look, we can make it happen.

If you’ve been thinking about brightening, straightening or perfecting your teeth in order to convey an attractive and confident image, the time has come to visit Alamo Dental Center. Call our San Antonio office to arrange a dental checkup and initial dental X-ray. We offer the best in oral hygiene and family dentistry, so please call us at (210) 431-7711 today.