Root Canal Treatment in San Antonio

With today’s modern technologies and advances, root canal procedures in San Antonio are more comfortable, especially through the gentle dentistry offered by Alamo Dental Center. In fact, a patient suffering with severe tooth pain or tooth decay often feels no discomfort, or may even doze off, during the process.

A tooth contains more than just solid bone mass. Underneath the dentin and enamel are canals housing the pulp, or nerve, which is the tooth’s lifeline. Internal damage often causes infection within the canals that ultimately destroys the tooth. Because this condition doesn’t heal naturally, the damaged tooth causes intense pain as the infection starts spreading.

Compassionate Dental Therapy

By setting an appointment with Alamo Dental Center, we’ll be able to treat the affected root canal and seal it off in order to avoid an extraction. In many cases, root canals can be completed in a single appointment. It’s essential to visit a dentist if you have cracked, broken or infected teeth. Common symptoms include severe pain when chewing, tooth discomfort that prohibits sleeping, high sensitivity to heat or cold, and dark or swollen gums.

Call our San Antonio dental office today and become a member of our family. Our dental staff will schedule a root canal consultation with our endodontics specialist to explain the process. You’ll discover that with us, dental care is a relaxing and rewarding experience. For quality dentistry regardless of your dental needs, please contact us at (210) 431-7711 today.