Expert Tooth Extractions in San Antonio

Alamo Dental Center of San Antonio offers tooth extractions for a variety of reasons. Overcrowded teeth, damaged or decayed teeth, wisdom tooth removal and the preparation for dentures are all reasons in which pulling teeth might be necessary. Our dental facility will provide a thorough examination and then determine the best course of action.

For clients that may have feelings of apprehension, our friendly, knowledgeable staff is here to answer any questions or address concerns before proceeding. Plan on discussing your medical history, past dental extractions and your current medications. In some cases, the patient may be a candidate for an alternative treatment such as a root canal.

Gentle Dental Extractions

On the day of your extraction procedure, the affected area is numbed with an anesthetic. Although there may be a feeling of pressure, discomfort will be minimal. You’ll be given post-extraction instructions, including the food and beverages to avoid and how to pack the wound properly. Keep in mind that there might be a little bleeding. A combination of acetaminophen and ice can help with discomfort and swelling.

At Alamo Dental Center, we’re your partner both during and after a dental procedure. If you have an appointment scheduled to pull teeth, you can rest easy knowing that we’ll take the time to explain the process, and you’ll be treated with compassionate care. Also, consult with us about prosthetic options such as implants. To learn more, please call us in San Antonio at (210) 431-7711.